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who we are

business code and references

The standards we have defined are based on high professionalism, quality, individuality and personality, correct interpersonal relationships, trust and loyalty to the client. Most of the activities are realized by the creative team of our agency, and in some segments of the business we successfully cooperate with our partners. We are proud to point out our cooperation with renowned companies from the European Union that have recognized us as a trusted partner.

We have collaborated and done a serious number of campaigns for domestic and foreign companies, most of them in the creative part, and the rest as localization of defined international campaigns for the Croatian market and the region.

Among others we can highlight Pfizer, Grundfos, IBM, HP, GoodYear, Dell, Philips, Toshiba, Megatrend, ACI Croatia, Armstrong DLW, Radiochirurgia, Opto Centar, Pro Alarm, Bauhaus, OTP Invest, OTP Osiguranje, Crom, Krokoteks, Samsonite, Metabo, Pastor TVA...

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integral solutions and innovative approach
  • graphic design and prepress
  • printing and production
  • branding, identity building and brand management
  • design and production of multimedia presentations with the purpose of promoting your company
  • digital marketing
  • media buying and advertising, campaigns, media plan and production costs
  • photography, audio and video production
  • design and production of products and packaging
  • production of POS materials for the retail sector
  • business gift program, support for congresses, conferences, events...
  • custom products